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How Every Realtor Can Increase Their Yearly Sales And Grow Their Digital Brand!

  Social media is an amazing tool for marketing your business (If you're looking to excel as a realtor!) but it takes time away from your clients and all of your hands on work needed to close deals. You also realize without being consistent and creative your social media brand will grow a little bit, plateau, and then will eventually descend back to nothing. 


  If you want to be a successful realtor you need to ask yourself 2 questions. 

  1. How can you optimize your time to close the most amount of deals as possible?

  2. How can you network and advertise your business effectively to as many people as possible?

These are the 2 questions you need to figure out once you are ready to take your business to the next level! The answers you come up with, determines your success.


  Learning social media takes time, creating content takes time, setting up and managing advertisements take time, and posting content consistently takes time. You've seen the success realtors have had leveraging social media but you have no idea how to transfer that same kind of success into your business.


  At the end of the day you want to close as many deals as possible and you want to generate as much attention as you can around your business, because if nobody knows who you are and what you do then obviously they will never do business with you. 


  Fours Media is here to bridge the gap for you! We want to handle all of your social media marketing needs! Giving your business the results you desire from social media without having to spend countless amounts of hours learning and doing it yourself!

Individual Service Pricing

Social Media marketing:

Social Media Consulting- 100/hr

Digital Advertising- $120/hr 

Funnel Building- $120/hr

Content Production:

Standard Video- $100/hr

Drone Video- $150/hr

Photo Shoots- $100/hr

Drone Images- $125/hr

Editing- $80/hr

Managing Social Accounts:-


(includes us replying to everybody in contact with your page, if wanted.)

1. 3 posts a week- $150/mo

2. 5 posts a week- $200/mo

3. 7 posts a week- 250/mo

Listing Photography:

Less than 2000 sq ft- $200

2000-3000 sq ft- $250

4000-5000 sq ft- $300

5000+ sq ft- $150/hr

Drone Images- $100/hr

Head Shots- $60

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