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The Ultimate System To Market Your Products/Services!

  Social Media for an Ecom business is kinda like gasoline for a car.. If you don't have gas, your car will go nowhere just as if you have no social media your online business will go nowhere. 


  If you have a hard time:

  • Getting traffic to actually convert from social media advertisements which will lead to more money for you.

  • Creating content that moves your target audience which will keep them engaged with your business making them a loyal customer.

  • Understanding proper online sales funnels which is the secret to selling products or services online!

  • Writing sales headlines and copy that focuses on what YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE wants! The headline is the first thing viewers will see and the correct copy is next, focusing on your target audiences wants and needs are crucial

  • Creating online sales funnels that focus on a specific objective you want your audience to take. Which will in turn allow you to market your products and services much more effectively.

  • Building brand on social media which will in turn help brand recognition on and off digital. 


  Then you need to understand one thing, It doesn't have to be hard for you… The most successful business owners outsource jobs that can be better executed by somebody else. Now is your chance.


  You want increased sales, more followers, more engagements, higher success rates with your advertisements, as well as systems in place set up online to walk your target audience through your sales process as if you were selling them in person. 


  Fours Media is a one stop shop for all of your social media marketing needs and we want to serve you! Your wants and needs are the most important thing to us because our success depends on yours!

Individual Service Pricing

Content Production:

Standard Video- $100/hr

Drone Video- $150/hr

Photo Shoots- $100/hr

Drone Images- $125/hr

Editing- $80/hr

Social Media Marketing:


Social Media Consulting- 100/hr

Digital Advertising- $120/hr 

Funnel Building- $120/hr

Managing Social Accounts:

 (Includes us replying to everybody in contact with your page, if wanted.)

1. 3 posts a week- $150/mo

2. 5 posts a week- $200/mo

3. 7 posts a week- 250/mo

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