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How To Build Brand Loyalty And Drive More Traffic Into Your Doors!

  Here is what every business owner needs to know about Social Media Marketing:

  • In order to drive online traffic into your location from social media you need to be consistent and creative. Your target prospect has more things fighting for their attention now, more than ever.

  • You also need to structure your sales copy around YOUR PROSPECTS WANTS not yours.

  • Advertisements need to provide value in order for you to receive real results

  • You need sales funnels set up for your digital advertisements, it’s the secret to selling anything online!


  In order to succeed with social media you need to put a lot of moving parts together. It takes time, the correct systems, and it takes knowledge. We take all that way and immediately put your business on offense! 

Content Production:

Standard Video- $100/hr

Drone Video- $150/hr

Photo Shoots- $100/hr

Drone Images- $125/hr

Editing- $80/hr

Individual Service Pricing

Social Media Marketing:


Social Media Consulting- 100/hr

Digital Advertising- $120/hr 

Funnel Building- $120/hr

Managing Social Accounts:

 (Includes us replying to everybody in contact with your page, if wanted.)

1. 3 posts a week- $150/mo

2. 5 posts a week- $200/mo

3. 7 posts a week- 250/mo

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