About Fours Media

We are two young entrepreneurs who are hungry to increase YOUR SALES. We believe sales are the heart of a business. Without sales your business fails. Fours Media's focus is driving awareness to businesses' social platforms and converting a percentage of them into paying clients.Why we say a percentage is because if you convert 100 percent of the prospects you talk to, you aren't talking to enough people about what you do. We want to live 50 percent for others, along with 50 percent for ourselves, meaning we want to scale both your business and ours. We know if you don’t get RESULTS from our marketing efforts, then you will stop using our service, which is why if you’re unsatisfied any month with our service we will give you 100 percent of your money back. We stand by our service so much that we like to offer that as good faith because most business owners don't want to make a mistake and choose a service that doesn't get them results they deserve, and we don't blame you. Tai Lopez is our mentor and who got us into social media marketing. He is top 3 in the world for creating revenue with his social platforms, and he has shared so much of his knowledge, along with his affiliates' knowledge through his program. He has spent over 100 million dollars marketing on social media, testing out strategies and different tools. He taught us what is most effective! We want to show business owners the power of advertising on Social and blow up brands along the way! 

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